While I complain about the lack of heat during this time of year, I secretly look forward to seeing the trees changing colour. So on this Easter Sunday, we took a walk through the Forest of Memories park near here that I like to visit on occasion.

The change was apparent – leaves on the trees in various stages of life and flowers pushing one final blast of energy into their blooms. Cold weather bulbs just now starting to flower and fruits on the trees beginning to grow and ripen leading into winter.

If walking through the park is your thing, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve ended the photos around my own garden. Enjoy!



8 thoughts on “Easter in Fall – a Walk Through the Park

  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos Steph. The walk must have taken three times longer than usual with all the photo stops! πŸ™‚ Happy Easter!

    1. Hah yep Andy was very patient. I had to ask him to get outta the way a couple times! Was nice to get away from the laptop for a while, too! Happy Easter!

  2. Beautiful, you really captured fall in NZ. Funny how as a tourist, you know a place only in one season. It is interesting to see the colors of fall there, and they’re not that different from here!

  3. Happy Easter! As always, I’m impressed with your artistic eye. I love how you hone in on the little critters, and the way you see stories in shadows and fallen pine needles. This collection artfully captures the transcendent light and reflective mood of a fall day. “A Walk Through the Park” proves the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

      1. Steph, Your photography never ceases to amaze. You have captured the light playing on the autumn colors so beautifully. What a treat! Thank you!

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