It’s so hot, even BUILDINGS catch on fire!  I drove past this Kia dealership earlier today where one apparently broke out (having a fire sale maybe??? sorry…) earlier that morning.  The workers were sitting outside under a tree while the fire department wrapped up their job.  Yikes!!


I took a drive into Old Town Scottsdale to do some trinket shopping and treat myself to lunch at Tommy V’s which was awesome, by the way.   I was pretty impressed once I got off of the main drag and into the courtyards where there was actually WATER.  I was wondering if they even had any of that here!


I managed to buy small things to remind me I had actually been here.   Yes, I even bought a magnet with a thermometer on it that says, ‘But it’s a DRY heat!”.  I guess I can manage to find the good in every place I go, even if it’s not my idea of paradise.  You should stop and smell the roses (as I did today, literally) no matter where you are and appreciate the things around you…even if it IS only cactus and roses.  Colors, structures, sculptures and animals all included.

When I lived in Texas, one of the things I really wanted to do was get a photo of all the cowboy boots but I never did.  This was my chance!  They weren’t as colorful as the ones in Texas, but I got permission to take some shots in the store.  They didn’t come out like I wanted, but got them nonetheless.



I couldn’t remember the last time I saw a Zoltar machine, so had to grab that one too!  When I saw it only took bills, I passed it up.


Here are some other photos from around town:













0 thoughts on “It Was SO Hot In Arizona…

  1. Hi, Steph,

    So now you’ve been to my alternative stomping grounds. I have to say, we really prefer an AZ visit in March and October, but when we traveled with kids, the school year prevented that timing. One year we were there in June and experienced the highest recorded temperature ever – 122. There were some bad incidents – soda cans exploded in garages, one woman died when she had a couple too many and lounged by the pool, and the airport closed because airplane tires were only tested to 120. I still enjoy Phoenix and recommend the botanical garden, the Heard Museum (have some posole in the cafe there, and the Gammage theater at ASU for a taste of Frank Lloyd Wright. For more water, you can go to Fountain Hills. When it was built, the fountain there was the highest in the world.

    1. Ahh yes, I thought of y’all today actually! I’m totally with you on NOT being here in the summer for sure. Never again, my friend…never again. I plan on going to the Wright house next week for a night tour so hopefully I’ll have some great pictures to post of that!

  2. I really liked the pics. Good boots. Yes, better in Texas. Hope you’re off to someplace cool and fun.

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    1. Thanks, Candis! Hey, I hear they’re building a Blacks BBQ in Austin! Woo hoo! Next time you’re there, you have to go! Eat some for me! I think I’m off to Guatemala at this point…something about living near volcanoes makes me happy 😉

  3. Hi Steph —

    You are doing all the things I wanted to do when I was your age, younger and a bit older (sorry). However, I never had the nerve and guts to do what you did, so I applaud you! If one doesn’t define her path as she goes, obstacles somehow and always will get in the way . . . Such as men, kids and our four-legged loves. I am glad you kept your path clear to allow you to do what you really wanted to do when it was timely to do it.

    Of course, there may or may not be a time when you return to live in the real rugged world, but if you do for whatever reason, you will always know that there was an opportunity which you grabbed which you will never regret.

    I admire your spunk, your guts, your individuality, your drive to not let anyone or anything dictate how you wish to live.

    Stay safe and keep blogging. (You know that the comments above are mine and not Joe’s! He thinks you should have your butt spanked for going into into the jungle alone without a man to protect you!!!). You are dear to us.


    1. Thanks, Mary and Joe…it’s always nice to know that someone out there shares the same feelings as I do and backs me up on the decisions I made. I’m happy to have done it and love knowing that I will never look back and say, “I wish I would have…”!

  4. Who knew you could find so much adventure right here in the U.S? I guess there was a good reason your home owners ran off this time of year, leaving you to sit with their pets. I hope it doesn’t reach 120!

    I love the horse photos and I love you!

    1. Ahhh yes, I thought of you as I took those photos! I’d rather be in Suiza with you! I think I inspired a woman from Africa when I told her about our book today! it felt great knowing I planted a seed for her!!

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