Well, I’m down to 2 1/2 more days at home before I fly off to my ‘new life’.  It’s been a challenge to sell almost everything I own and even more challenging dealing with Craigslist folks.

It’s strange looking at an empty house without getting emotional about it, but I’ve kept a pretty even keel so far.  Just trying to do what needs to be done on as little sleep as possible.  I think I’ll have it covered…well, I HAVE to have it covered…by end of day, Tuesday.

So here comes the end of another life chapter and the beginning of a new one.  It’s strange not knowing at all which way this will go.  Living in major cities my whole life and then taking up residence in a sleepy beach town of a couple thousand will be shocking, I’m sure.  I’m just looking at it like I’m going on vacation, just staying longer (like I always want to).  I find that living in the moment saves my sanity.  If I start thinking about the future I get overwhelmed and anxious…maybe even scared.  So I’ll just take it bird by bird, as Grandpa used to say and see what happens!

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  1. You’re on automatic pilot! The only way to navigate these uncertain waters. Enjoy the sights, smells, sounds along the way as you go bird to bird. Much Love from Africa.

  2. I have to say I am not that fond of your headline on this particular post! But you know that my heart is with you always. Love, Mom

  3. I know we just met but I still think you’re amazing… Wish you the best while you take the next step.. And your gran-pa is right… One step at a time, and don’t forget to take it all in.. Life has a way of just slipping on by; so enjoy everything; the good and the bad.. It’s all important..


  4. “Go go GO!” That’s what I hear young mom’s saying to encourage their babes these days. Flying is great after that first big leap, but I wouldn’t think anyone would have to tell YOU that. And while sometimes the landing can be a little rough, that just makes it a growth experience or eventually a great story. The summer in China that I hated the most is now the one that I love the best.

    Be well!


  5. Steph, your house looked gorgeous. Aren’t you glad you got to live there and have that experience! Now its time for new ones and you’ll be glad for those to. Who knows what’s right around the corner – the unexpected, no doubt! For me, living and working without air conditioning would be too much of an adventure. Oh, yes. If you run out of fingernail polish, lipstick or hairspray, let me know. I’ll send some. You’ll want to look good for those iquanas!

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