Ok, I looked at some pictures yesterday and I think I get it now…so here’s my first ‘real’ attempt at a sand octo.  A few people that walked by liked it…I need to get more creative.  Next time I’ll have him grabbing an innocent fish or something.  Need to work on the convergence of body and tentacles too.  Didn’t get that quite right.  I found a couple of cute little shells for the eyes, one pink and one purple, but you can’t tell by the pictures unfortunately.  So what do you think!?

IMG-20130413-00459 IMG-20130413-00461 IMG-20130413-00462 IMG-20130413-00466IMG-20130413-00465

0 thoughts on “Sand Octopus

  1. Hey Steph!!!
    Too bad you can’t scrape these up and mount them on a board or something and sell them to the rich tourists!! They look great, just like all your art work!! Hope you’re enjoying yourself down there – been faithfully following your blogs but just haven’t gotten around to writing you much; will try to be better about that. Take care of yourself! Love ya!

  2. Wow Steph,

    That is really good! It really IS too bad you can’t figure out a way to preserve those. I could see where you could market them. Very artistic…


  3. Pretty good. Now you should put out a tin cup with a dollar stuck on the bottom. VOILA!!!!! Your new profession.

  4. GEEZ! That’s amazing! I think they have a show on the Discovery channel that follows groups around the world competing in sand building…you should totally do that!

    1. ha! that’d be a nice profession…I’d be burnt to a crisp though. I still have a lot of practicing to do but thank you for the encouragement!!

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