spider in blender

So I haven’t had any appetite for the past few days and I felt like I should force feed myself something tonight.  All I could come up with that was appealing was half a peanut butter sandwich.  Off to the dark kitchen (it’s always a thrill to turn on the light).  Grab the bread, peanut butter and tea out of the fridge, go back out to get my glass, rinse it out in the sink.  Put everything on the counter and for some reason I look over at the blender only to find HOLY CRAP!!!!

Now let me tell you, this is no ordinary blender…it’s one of those huge glass ones so the spider may LOOK small, but I swear to you, I actually screamed when I saw it.  Now I like spiders, ok?  But something about one on my blender, on my counter, right next to the sink I just visited REALLY left me with no appetite. Like I even had one to begin with.

I look at the fixin’s of my soon to be sandwich…I look at the spider.  I contemplate even making this stupid thing or just turning out the light and abandoning all hope.  I look up at the light and see a gecko taking all of this in.  I know he’s not coming down.  Hell, he’s probably just as terrified as I am.

I’m not about to get a better look at this spider by turning the blender around.  I just know he’ll jump or run right toward me if I do.  Note to self, wash blender in morning.  I did make my sandwich though and managed to eat it, but now I have to go back in the kitchen and put the dish in the sink.  Or maybe I should just let the ants eat the crumbs.  Cause if I go back in the kitchen and that spider is gone……uuuugggghhhhhhhhhh.

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  1. And what do we say about Latin America? Don’t drink the water and don’t get eaten by the spiders!!!!!

    1. Haha i like that…yeah…tell me about it. It’s becoming creepier the longer I stay here. New stuff almost daily. I don’t want to know what’s next.

  2. OK. Your posts aren’t making me happier. Wherever you are is not an ideal place with cute little furry smiley babies anymore. It is HELL! I don’t know how you slept with that spider creature around. What kind was it? Poisonous? Between the beetles, roaches and spiders I’d be inclined to marry the Orkin Man!

    1. I know it. I’m starting to get creeped out too. I shut the ‘windows’ between me and the kitchen last night. I just thank god for my net on the bed. I looked it up and it could be a Huntsman or Banana spider…although I can’t really confirm that. Either way, it may eat roaches so that was a good thing. I felt a little better about it. Of course, it was gone in the morning. He seems a little too comfy in my kitchen so who the hell knows where he hangs out in the day. I know why I never want to make dinner after dark now. And believe me, I’m never looking under my sink either. I put towels over the plates and utensils because I realized things were probably crawling on them at night. People here don’t believe in real cabinets. I HATE having everything outside. HATE IT!!!! I’ve never camped in my life for a reason. Now i’m LIVING IT. UGGGHHHHH.

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