Today marks the anniversary of the day I left Texas to move to Costa Rica.   The year has contained trials and tribulations, happiness, grief, fun, hard work and relaxation to mention just a few.  Overall, it has been a rich and rewarding experience and I have never looked back once.  Last night I dreamt about seeing two young lions…a male and a female who were being led by their trainer up to a stage.  My dream dictionary tells me that it means you are in control of your life and your emotions.  I think it was quite fitting!

Stepping away from the daily grind of an office environment, high heels, traffic and bills has been a breath of fresh air.   Being a perpetual tourist has its benefits.  You can find house sitting opportunities and basically live for free or next to nothing.  You don’t have to worry about maintaining a house or car.  You get to see the world and I’ve found that I can easily live with whatever fits in two carry-on bags.  Second-hand stores are my friends and I can always leave behind clothing or shoes to locals who need them in order to lighten my load.  My main expenses are food and transportation.  Not to mention, you can volunteer doing what you love and learn a lot in the process.

I have exceeded my goal of working with animals this past year, which is what set me out on this adventure.  I have had the pleasure of  baby monkeys and sloths falling asleep in my arms; holding hummingbirds in my hands while they recover from hitting windows; helping stray dogs by feeding them food they’d otherwise never get and raising the most beautiful butterflies in the world!

I’ve made a lot of good friends along the way and know that I could return to these countries to visit and have a place to stay anytime.  I know that I’ve helped encourage women by telling them my story and letting them know they are the only ones holding themselves back from achieving their goals.   It’s a good feeling to know that I’ve helped animals AND people at the same time.  It’s also wonderful to hear people say, “Gosh, I really admire what you do and wish I could be more like you.”   The truth is, anyone can do this if they are willing to sacrifice some things, get over their fears and build up a bit of courage.  It may seem like a monumental thing that I’ve done, but in hindsight it really isn’t.  I’ve adapted to every environment and situation I’ve been in without much stress involved which I didn’t expect.

In the back of my head, I hear my friend from CR say, “The plan is to not have a plan.”  I like that motto and feel good about letting life lead me where it may.  For the first time ever, I feel in control of my life without actually knowing what is coming next.  I have let fate take over and will follow whatever feels right to me.  The days of planning are over and this journey has just begun!

Thanks again to everyone who has backed me and followed my blog.  Your encouragement and support has been overwhelming and appreciated.   Stay tuned for more to come and keep up those comments!  Hugs to all!!

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  1. It’s true, anyone can do what you’ve done if they are organized, travel savvy and willing to walk away from their attachments. Bravo!

  2. Fortune favors the brave…and we all have the capability to be brave.
    Brava indeed!

  3. you are an inspiration my friend! It is truly amazing to watch your journey….not just physically, but emotionally as well. cheers to the good life!

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