Costa Rica!?!?  The walk I just took behind my house has to be the best one I’ve ever done.  I ascended a very steep and rocky hill, my heart pounding hard with each step.  On either side of me was intense green and trees of different varieties…living fences dotting the way  up the path.  My head was spinning with environmental intoxication…getting dizzy from looking around so much.  I found myself standing there with my mouth open admiring the views. Massive bromeliads grew on almost every tree.  I picked guava, orange and lime from trees hanging over the road; saw at least 15 pairs of parrots and toucans flying over me and I was absolutely and completely alone.   I scared off oropendola’s…those basket weaving birds and only slightly intimated hawks who watched me pass underneath them.  I walked quickly under the big trees with purple flowers because I could hear a swarm of bees in each one, hoping to not be attacked.  Cows all took the time to look up at me as if they’d never seen a human being before.  To my west was the tall mountain, devoid of almost all trees.  The ones that were left had been windswept; bare on their sides like hair blowing in the breeze.  They stood awkwardly, fighting against the sloping of the mountain and constant heavy winds, not quite knowing which way to go.  To my east was Lake Arenal with the green rolling hills on the other side of it.  Clouds hung low and heavy, tripping over the tops of the mountains along the way.  Ascending higher, I looked behind me and saw the proud, towering Arenal Volcano.  Good things come to those who climb!  The cool dampness supplied an endless amount of heavy duty oxygen to keep me from tumbling over the edge.  It was simply stunning.  The road turned from gravel with a patch of grass down the middle to almost all grass by the time I reached the top.  It reminded me that I am in a very special place, where few people tread and I thanked my lucky stars to be here.  This is my new ‘beach’ and I will try to visit this magical place everyday so I can’t say that I never got enough of it.

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