Ok, no hate mail on this one please.  Dante has a skin infection and had been stuck in her cage for a while.  Bummer.  Got her outside but she’s notorious for just wanting to lay around and cuddle.  I mean, who can blame her, really?  It’s what she’s SUPPOSED to do as a baby sloth!  But I was told to get her moving around or just hanging on the branch so she can defecate.  It’s been a while.  Yep, this was my job today:  Get the sloth to defecate.  Unfortunately she didn’t during the time I spent with her, but I did get her moving, she even walked on the ground and got in another tree by herself at one point!  So this is a video of her crying.  It’s funny and pathetic…how can you deny a sloth who wants to be held!?!?  It wasn’t easy.  But you just gotta teach these kids…life ain’t pretty…put your big girl pants on!!

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  1. How adorable this little cuddler is. Hope u got hug time! Would love to see a video of that! How much does he weigh?!

    1. Oh I’d say about 4-5 pounds. 2/3 of their body weight is in their stomach. They only have about a 1/4 of the muscle mass other mammals of their size do. Odd creatures. I’ve also found that their toes are VERY sensitive…just nails but they always are very aware when they’re touched and don’t seem to like it much. They remind me a lot of iguana spines.

  2. SO CUTE and how fun!!! I don’t know how you resisted not picking him up and just holding him the whole day.
    Love it! Thanks for sharing

  3. awwwww I had no idea sloths could cry! or even make noise!
    Are you working at the Jaguar Rescue Center? That place is awesome.

    1. Yeah, the three toed are even cuter if that’s possible…it’s like a pathetic kitten meow. I’ve gotta get that before I leave there. But yes, I am working at JRC…been there about 6+ weeks now. Thanks for checking out my blog…I love yours! I saw it years ago when I was thinking of moving here…glad to see you’re still around!

      1. haha thanks! CR grabbed ahold of me. I was only supposed to be here one year. But how can anyone leave? Life here is awesome. I didn’t last long at the beach, though. Props to you for sticking it out in PV! Can’t wait to see the other crying sloth video.

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