I've always wanted a swimming pool!
I’ve always wanted a swimming pool!

You know, it was so nice.  The evenings were cool, the mosquitoes weren’t as prevalent.  The weird thing was that I’d never seen it go THAT long without raining.  It was a good week and a half of pure sunshine…not a threatening cloud in sight.  Then I got worried that they’d start rationing water, which I really wasn’t prepared for because I figured it HAD been raining.  This is COSTA RICA for god’s sake…land of WATER, RAINFORESTS, RIVERS, LAKES…how could anything dry up here?

Ooooo!  AND a waterfall!
Ooooo! AND a waterfall!

Then like a scene from ‘Big’ where Tom Hanks asks Zoltar to grant his wish, I said, ‘Maaaaaan, I wish it would rain’.  With that, came the rain.  It hasn’t stopped.  It’s been going on for days now.  Last night it rained on and off so hard I couldn’t sleep.  I walked out this morning to the view of my new swimming pool, installed by mother nature.  Even the bird at 4:45 this morning seemed to be annoyed.  No doubt getting soaked, but also unable to belt out the song loud enough for anyone to hear.  Oh, I heard it though…thank you.  I listened and just heard him trail off like trying to catch his breath and putting out his wing and flapping it down, as to say…’meh, forget it!’

And yes, i had to ride my sweet bike to work in the rain.  I’ll say one of the better things I brought with me are those Columbia quick dry pants (shorts).  My Campmor jacket has done me well and the croc ballerinas are perfect.  I’m one of the only idiots that seem to be out in the rain on my bike, but hey…gotta go to work, right?  Oh, and the poor sloths got caught out in it today…it had cleared up and they were in the garden then it started raining.  They actually didn’t seem to mind TOO much but they sure looked pathetic all wet.  I would’ve taken a picture but was too busy getting them inside.

This also means no laundry gets done (peeeee yew!) and the mold will start multiplying at an alarming rate on everything.  Not exactly the kind of perfume I like to be sporting.  I guess it’s time to wish for some SUN now, huh?  I’ll get right on that.

EDIT: 23 minutes after I wished for sun and posted this, check out what happened.  I can’t make this stuff up.  Life is kinda funny, huh?


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  1. Yes! I was feeling the same way. Thank goodness we finally got some sun down here, though my clothes are STILL not dry after hanging out for three days now… and the mosquitos have been relentless!!

    1. Wow, that’s terrible! I didn’t realize parts of Ca. had that little. I lived in Texas where we were lucky to get 11″ of rain per year. Down south in Osa (Costa Rica) the wettest year they had 373″! They don’t call it the rainforest for nothin’!!

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