Hi Buttercup!!
Hi Buttercup!!

I dropped by the Center today to drop off the Goat’s milk for the monkeys.  They had tons which made me feel better.  For some reason I thought they might be desperate, but thankfully I was wrong.  I waited a while and got to look around.  I saw the volunteers cleaning extensively, one girl had a monkey on her head while she worked.  There was a parrot talking to himself and screaming like a child on a big branch.  A couple of deer roamed free.  A toucan with some missing toes harassed everyone and everything…even trying to tear a plastic trash bag out of its bin.  They wish he would just free himself (he has the option of doing that) but he won’t.  And apparently that’s kind of how it works there.  They take the monkeys out to the forest each day and if they want to come back ‘home’, they do.  Sometimes they spend the night (but rarely) and some find troops that have adopted them.  So it seems pretty cool.  No forceable releases…they go when they feel it’s time.

Little Buttercup up there was adorable.  I felt badly for the sloths though because they stay with mom for a very long time and these didn’t have a mom.  They’re so sweet…I can’t wait to nurture them.  What a great job…being mommy to loveable creatures.

Tiny pit viper..what could be cuter!?!
Tiny pit viper..what could be cuter!?!

Everyone knows I take a liking to snakes and there were plenty.  Poo said the owner deals w/ them but if you (meaning ME) has an affinity for them, I may be able to help with them.  Maybe the educational part and possibly the cleaning of the cages or whatever.  They also help with venom collection.  Poo said if you were to get bitten by a poisonous snake, this is the place to have it happen (meaning Puerto Viejo area) since there’s a large stock of antivenin.  Pretty cool.  Saw some beautiful pit vipers, large boas and rattlesnakes.  I’m always very picky about enclosures and all of these met my standard, so that made me happy.

Oh wait, baby pit vipers cuddling with mom...definitely cuter.
Oh wait, baby pit vipers cuddling with mom…definitely cuter.

So I will start a week from Monday and maybe sooner since some volunteers are leaving.  Can’t wait!  Sure as heck beats resetting passwords under fluorescent lights!  Oh, and the beach is right across the street.  Yeah, what could be better than that!?

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    1. “Ugh y fi!”, as your Welsh relatives would say about those snakes! OK, I get it about how adorable the baby sloth is – I envy you that experience. But I just moved all plants away from my back door here in Texas because we’ve found six, I SAID SIX!, water moccasins in our back yard. Ugh y fi!

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