Ok, as a funny side note, I have to tell you something.  I just got scared by a BUTTERFLY.  Good god.  I was sitting here on my computer and out of the corner of my eye I saw something big come toward me and it ran into my back.  Albeit, gently.  I jumped and sort of freaked out (knowing about the large flying things around here) then saw it was a monarch butterfly.  Jeez.  I need to relax.

I treated myself to breakfast in town this morning for ONCE…and I do mean ONCE.  This is the first time I’ve eaten breakfast ‘in the wild’…haha!  It was awesome.  I found out about it through the chocolate place that I’m going to tomorrow and it got good reviews, so I went to go find it.  It wasn’t difficult to find, even though I hadn’t been down that particular street before.  I hung a right off the main road and headed toward the beach.  A big white bus turned down that same road and I knew it was near the bus stop, so that made it easy.  The road wasn’t paved and along it were small shops, restaurants and the police station.

I recognized the blue exterior from the picture and sure enough, the sign confirmed it.  They were jammin’ some reggae at or before 8am and there were tables across the street with a beach view.  It was called Dreadnuts and boasted gourmet coffee, fruit smoothies and great sandwiches.  I opted for a cafe mocha, a mandarin iced tea and cinnamon rasin bagel with cinnamon butter.  Mmmmm.

I took a seat and watched an old local man (I’m sure he was older than he looked) slowly shuffle his way toward a coconut tree with a long pole.  He finally got to it and proceeded to cut down a couple of coconuts for him and his friend.  They sat under the shade and drank from the coconut and had a conversation in spanish.  It looked as if they probably did this everyday.

At this moment, I said to myself...'This is the life!  Pura vida!'
At this moment, I said to myself…’This is the life! Pura vida!’

I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast and the view of the ocean with the small waves crashing on the beach.  School kids passed by in their uniforms and headed toward the very small structure for the day.  Wonder how they can pay attention when the beach is right in front of them?  Buses came and went as they picked people up to take them away from this nice little town…most of them looked like tourists.

Happy happy!!
Happy happy!!
The view during breakfast
The view during breakfast

As I was sitting there, a Pink Floyd song came on, ‘Wish You Were Here’ but made into reggae!  It was cool…if you crank up your volume, you might be able to hear it here:

I decided to do some video while biking (didn’t even crash!) so I posted those on youtube as well here:

Time to hit the beach!

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  1. The biking trip videos were too funny – you risking you life to bike, film and all the while keeping up a narrative. I didn’t even get motion sick.

    So now that you’ve been there for a month, what do you think? Could you see yourself living this life long-term?

    What do you miss? What don’t you miss at all, beyond the day-to-day going to work grind?

    Also just want to say thanks for this incredible vicarious experience you are giving us!


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