“I lived my life to the fullest”

My friends and I took a little road trip down to the beaches and found some cool trees along the back roads.  Nothin’ like getting your toes in the (black) sand and kicking back on a weekday.  It’s a tough life.  Yeah…I hear the violins playing.  And since this draft is a week old, we went back again today.  This time stopping in San Carlos and Penonome to have an awesome lunch there in what felt like a mansion.

I won’t bore you with details and will put some shots of El Valle in as well.  I live in a pretty nice neighborhood with a lot of large houses on big lots.  The back streets are grassy or gravel.  The main road is good but side roads that are paved are sometimes not in the best shape.  But it has a funky feel to it…not TOO perfect but still upscale.  I like seeing all of the trees and flowers and manicured yards when cruising the neighborhood.

Strange fruit(?) on a bare tree
Bark of tree with strange fruit

Playa Blanca

Fishermen with their catch of the day

Razor wire and seashells…which cuts worse!?
Heckle and Jeckle
Beautiful tree in San Carlos

They’re not so scary when you can eat THEM!
Awe, fresh bread fish
I’m kicking myself for not buying all three kinds
Restaurante Mezon Santa Cruz in Penonome
Mangoes ripening over the patio
Beautiful patio that spanned a block!
Shrimp ceviche
Sea bass and fresh veggies
Spanish tortilla (half serving!)
The beer logos on walls always catch my attention
Our favorite tree that they are going to keep standing while they develop around it.
Another beer wall
Ugliest dude I’ve ever SEEN
Pretty hedges
Back ‘street’ in El Valle

Main street in El Valle

Pollen dropped from water apple tree
Bridge going into Panama City
Bridge going into Panama City

0 thoughts on “Beach Days and Around El Valle

  1. Looking at these photos with a lump in my throat, painfully nostalgic for the tropics. The fish loaves gives a new twist to the New Testament story about the loafs and the fishes.

    Outside my window the grey landscape struggles to green up, saturated with an all-night rain that narrowly avoided becoming a foot of snow. At least it’s above freezing, I tell myself, hands clasped firmly around a cup of hot cocoa for warmth. Spring is on its way, I murmur hopefully, pulling a sweatshirt on over a long sleeved tee.

    And then I see your beautiful photos and realize the truth. Winter is real and I’m struggling in its deadly grasp.

    1. Awe, my poor tropical friend….I’m sorry you have to go through winter again. It’s hard to get back into the swing of that, huh? I hope to never get below 50 again!! Wish I could bottle some of this up and let you bask in it.

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