froggie eggs!
froggie eggs!

TADPOLES!!!  What’d you think I was going to say!?!?  There are some very amorous frogs in the pond and I just noticed a couple blobs of eggs stuck to branches.  AND they were at it again.  That dude will NOT get off her back.  P1010552

Get a pond already!
Get a pond already!

So while I was playing paparazzi with the frogs, I happened to stop right in front of a hummingbird nest!!  Wow.  I only knew that’s what it was because I had one in the OTHER San Antonio once.  Oh man, it is SUPER CUTE!! P1010576

There are two babies in there and sometimes I can see their tiny tongues come out.  They hunkered down when I was basically on top of them taking their picture and you can’t even tell what they are!  Great camo, little dudes!!  And the nest is a work of art too…I’d love to watch it being built.  Amazing.

It was a nice day so I walked around the yard (I’ve learned from last time to LOOK AROUND!!!) and noticed this little praying mantis on a sunflower.  I had to take a picture of a pretty yellow flower nearby too. P1010588


It’s fruit and veggie day so I’ve been patiently waiting for the guy to show up and was hoping I wouldn’t miss him.  The fact that they come around once a week is a HUGE bonus because that means I don’t pay as much and I also don’t have to lug it home on the bus.  So now I feel like my friend Camille who talks about how wonderful and cheap the fruits and veggies are in Ghana.  Check out what I got today for a little over $14:


Awwwww yeah…pineapple, a kilo of passion fruits, watermelon, three peppers, two avocados, kilo of apples, three oranges, two tomatoes, bag ‘o green beans, a cucumber and a kilo of these crazy rambutan or as they call it here, mamon chino.  I’ve never had one but been wanting to try them.  They look like little see through eggs on the inside and you eat the stuff surrounding the seed.  It’s very sweet and juicy.  I make passion fruit juice by adding the seeds which are also surrounded by sweet goodness to some sugar water (goes well with rum).  So I’m happy.  I guess I’m expecting to be eating better too!  I can go back to making my fruit drinks in the blender and working with fresh ingredients.  I’m totally happy now!  I’ve done yet another fruit video too!

Oh and a final picture of the eucalyptus tree bark.  I’m inspired to do a watercolor of this soon…next mission: find paint.


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  1. Yeah!!! The best drink I’ve ever had was a passion fruit daquari in Hawaii!!

    And it’s not a praying mantis – it’s a Prime Minister!!!!

    1. Haha, I was actually going to tell that story in the blog, so I might as well now that you’ve got people wondering.

      So my grandparents lived in the Texas hill country and they had these praying mantis all over the place. Well, I was young and could never remember the correct name of these things so I would proudly announce to them that the Prime Minister was at the door. My grandmother was from England so she’d always get this shocked look on her face when I’d say it. Then they’d just laugh when they saw it was an insect.

    1. Oh yeah…it is…I’m going to do a video on the rambutan and passion fruit! It’s great having this kind of variety and it’s so inexpensive!!

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