I had a strange feeling I’d see a snake up on the mountain today and sure enough, I did!  I had been taking pictures of one of my favorite trees because there were some cows up near it today and when I turned around and started walking up the road…BAM!


A beautiful black and yellow (rat?) snake, at least 5 feet long.  The timing was just perfect…we intersected with each other at the exact right moment (or wrong moment, as some people may see it).  I am 99% sure it was non-venomous…it had the head of a colubrid.  (Aaah yes, confirmed here!)  He looked at me as I looked at him and we just stared at each other for a long time.  He went up against the hill for a while and blended in very well.  I know it’s hard to see the scale here, but those two lines in the road are the width of a truck if that helps.  For once,  I decided NOT to pick it up and just let him go on his way.  It was very cool.

P1000972 P1000971 P1000969 P1000961 P1000958

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