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  1. Hi, Steph, I have been wanting to send you some words of encouragement for awhile,but it seems from this, you may have found a new bliss.

    I was stunned when you wrote that you had been there for two months. The first month seemed like a long time, but the second went by in a blink…of course, that is from my perspective. We have launched into summer here, pleasanter temps will return on Monday, but the heatwave brought new gardening tasks and a different sense of time.

    I love reading your posts because they give me a new perspective. I’m sure your stay has been different from what you imagined. Our trips to China were not what I expected, even with Jim’s detailed descriptions. When Jim dear leaves each day to teach, what he thinks I do at home, if he thinks about it at all, is likely vastly different from the reality. Your second month may have been long for you and yet the time went by so fast for me.

    So that is the point. You can imagine all you want, but if you want to know, you have to do it.

    Be well.


    1. Thank you, Janet…and yes, something came to me today as I was at the beach and rounded a bend I had never been to before. There was nobody there and it just struck me what a beautiful place this really is, despite all of the misery that goes on behind the scenes. Not just with me, but with everything that suffers here. Realizing that I will be leaving in a little over two weeks has given me a different perspective and I’m already almost missing it. ALMOST. I’m taking advantage of my new-found beach area in Playa Chiquita where the waves are calmed by the small reef and the lack of people makes it feel like it’s all mine. It was then that I felt I should say something positive for once!

  2. Pictures speak volumes! What a beautiful area…..take it all in girl…because someday, it will be history in your life…history that you want to cherish forever!

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