I’m at that point again where I have photos with nowhere in particular to go, so here’s another gathering of ‘homeless’ pictures.  I’ve been walking more lately and I pass by this cool tree that is sure to just crumble here soon but it’s been taken over by a bunch of bromeliads.  It really is quite beautiful.

Similar tree next to the other


I saw this butterfly in the road.


On the walk away from the house I come to a bend in the road where there’s always a nice breeze and then it overlooks these trees standing together…looking too perfectly placed to be natural.



Then on the way back, a nice view of the village of San Antonio.


Not to break the peaceful vibe going on here, but when I moved to CR, this was one of the most disturbing images I had ever seen.  I wanted to run.  Far.


I’ve seen too many horror movies, I’m sure.  If I ever make one though, this getup is going to get some use.  Now this is just my mild mannered gardener.  Nothing scary there.  But that outfit…and I’ve seen ones even scarier.  I totally understand why they use them and all…but still….

Ok, on to the yard!  I saw these little spiders making a very cool web.  It was like this pillowy thin cloud of a web.  It stretched from one leaf to another and had a few spiders working it.  For a second there, I thought it could be some cool time warp portal.  haha…I wasn’t awake yet.  Click on the first picture to see some of the work better. Unfortunately it was gone the next day.



Close by was the heron waiting for me to leave so he could fish.  He let me get pretty close to take the picture.


I am seriously trying to keep these daisy looking flowers alive so when I was trimming one day I noticed two critters hanging out near each other.  This spider was like one in Guyana who had a mask face…this one has sort of a goofy three toothed face on it.


Then I noticed a walking stick eating a bug, but I think I freaked him out and he dropped it.  He (or she) is there everyday next to the spider.  Cute as a button!  It even has a face on the body too.  I’ve tried to coax it onto my finger but this sucker can JUMP and fast!

Whatchu lookin’ at?



In that same patch was this weird little bug.


And speaking of weird bugs, found this one curled up next to a spider web on my egg plant.


Finally, I went out back to find the passion flower vine absolutely taking over everything.  I don’t use the clothesline, but apparently the passion flower does!


Finally, some fruit from last week.  I got some starfruit again but this time they were at least double the size of the ones I’m used to getting!


Then they let me try this other fruit (didn’t catch the name) but it looks like a passion fruit although it’s not.  It tasted nice and sweet, the seeds crunchy and a bit peppery.  I told them it reminded me of frog eggs.  Blleh.  And those weird little white cushiony fingers to keep the innards safe!?  Like built in styrofoam when they drop from the tree!


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  1. Amazing what you can see in your own backyard if you just pay attention! Of course, you do have a very special backyard. I think I am most amazed by the last two bugs. Beautiful.

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