My new friend!?!?!
My new friend!?!?!

I FINALLY decided to walk up Margarita Road which is right across the street from me to see what was going on there.  I saw this pretty German Shepard walking toward me and she kind of greeted me and started walking with me.  Well, that was nice!  I was just telling a friend of mine how nice the dogs are here.  It sort of seemed like she wasn’t a stray…looked fed and all but had no collar.  So we walked and walked and then it looked like it was going to rain so we turned around.  She had been panting and I figured I’d get her some fresh water when WE got home.  Oh boy…I kind of knew what might happen here.  She drank out of a puddle and that made me feel bad…so home WE went.

I got her some fresh water and she gulped it down.  Then like an IDIOT I got her a small piece of chicken.  Yep…I’m pretty sure that’s what sealed my fate.  IMG-20130523-00617  So I wanted to walk down to the beach, so off WE went.   When we got there, I noticed a big fresh gash on her shoulder.  Eeeewwwww.  Not good.  And what’s worse is that she can’t reach it.  So I figured I’d BRING HER BACK since I started feeling guilty, hose it off then put my super duper anti bacterial foam stuff on it.

Well, she’s not a beach dog…she was scared of the water and started whining as we left.  So WE come back home again and I get the foam stuff and get the hose ready and she wants nothing to do with either.  Great.  She won’t come near me.  Ok…well, I tried.  Time for you to leave.  I walk her to the gate, she leaves and before I can get back to my verandah, she’s back.  Got in through my dumb bushes.  Ugh.  I’ve walked her out twice now and she keeps coming back.

She's not getting the hint
She’s not getting the hint

So I take her out again.  She sees a dog across the street, barks and runs after it.  I turn to walk back then hear a car laying on its horn and I just cringe.  Oh crap.  That’s all I need now…an even MORE injured or dead dog.  I was pretty sure she wasn’t hit and that was confirmed when she came back into my yard.  I was happy she was ok, but my GOD…I can’t get RID OF HER!!!  She’s a good girl, no doubt.  But I really don’t want her here.  I guess I should see where she’s getting in through the bushes and try to block it off.  I don’t know if she has pups somewhere cause she looks like she’s nursing.  You’d think she’d need to tend to that at some point.  I’m trying to ignore her but her big brown eyes keep watching me from the yard.  If anyone has some hints as to how to get rid of a stray, let me know.  And I don’t want to hear ‘Shoot it’.

So, off topic from that, I had a few pictures that have no place in particular to go, so I might as well throw them in here.  One of Narea the spider monkey at work trying to eat a little insect from the opposite side of the glass.  It was pretty funny.  You can see it right there at the bottom of her mouth.

Narea trying to eat a bug on the other side of the glass
Narea trying to eat a bug on the other side of the glass

Then a couple of pictures from yesterday in my yard of a very pink dragonfly and a cute lizard that was sitting on a big leaf sunning.

Fuschia dragonfly!
Fuschia dragonfly!
Basilisk on a leaf
Basilisk on a leaf

0 thoughts on “I Think I Just Became a Dog Owner

  1. Well, Steph, the only sure way to get rid of a stray is to adopt! Or at least to foster until someone else can adopt. So get some worm medicine, non corn dog food, a collar and leash and say hello to the best friend you’ll ever have. You’ll need to get her shots and records, of course, so that if you ever bring her to the US she’ll have a “passport”.

    I’ve been in dog rescue since collage and I can tell you that her pups are probably drowned or shot (probably not given away) – by humans. Otherwise she’d be there with her babies. She looks like a gorgeous sweetie.

    A friend of mine in England adopted a rescue from a group I was working with that was well groomed, well fed and beautifully taken care of. Since it was England and the English are dog fanatics (except for a few sickos), it was probably some poor soul who lost his/her beloved pet on vacation or something. (Dogs are people in England!) Anyway, we couldn’t understand why it didn’t know commands – a dog like that, you’d think – would be well trained. A friend of hers from Wales came to stay and spoke Welsh to the dog. It could sit, dance, jump, beg, heel, get of furniture or anything else the guest asked it to do – in Welsh! So the new owner learned Welsh dog speak and they lived happily ever after. Moral of the story? Speak Spanish.

    I wish you and your new best friend a wonderful life together. Take care of each other!

    1. Well unfortunately that’s not going to happen. I have 3+ more weeks here then I go back to the states for another 3, then move to a different town altogether. Apparently she understands what a stick means and didn’t like the looks of it but it hasn’t deterred her from coming back into my yard. ugh! I’ve shown her the door like 8 times now.

  2. PS I know someone in our town that looks just like the spider monkey but she eats people!

    The lizard on the leaf pic is one of my favorite all timers!

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